Although the constant reconfiguration of the artistic work in which I think due the new experiences and readings that change my mind, I believe almost permanently that an artist must demonstrate a particular and localized way of being in the world.


The task requires not only the manifestation of a singularity but a critical positioning. Hence, the greatest contribution of an artist is to make it possible for us to think of ourselves out of conventions.
To do this, we must detect what is left out or canceled in the dominant thoughts and actions.

I look for it in what appears before my eyes as an enigma, that is, as a relevancy established by an incomprehensibility and which may well lead to successive incomprehensibilities or to fleeting moments of lucidity.

My strategy to explore their cognitive dimension from the art is to make links without hierarchy or symmetry, that means, to make them more odd, to increase their power and trigger multiplicity of elucidations and the emergence of possible worlds.

In particular, I am interested in the spaces in which we develop ourselves physically, socially and mentally by believing that they are the containers of the collisions, infections and alloys, that means, the mysteries, that conform us.